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FRX2XLS converts VFP report to Excel
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FRX2XLS (VFP report to Excel)

FRX2XLS converts Excel XLS files from FoxPro report (frx) format.

It is easy to use. Just drag it on your form operated with Foxpro frx till now and start converting.

It works with report variables, converts labels, fields, shapes, lines by keeping the original size and formatting. FRX title, pageheader, groups, pagefooter, summary sections can be converted to Excel.


You get the full source code of FRX2XLS for this price!

Royalty free distribution!
FRX2XLS tested with Visual Foxpro 6.0 and 9.0


A nice progressbar class is also included.


Download sample Foxpro frx and the converted XLS to make sure about its prominence.


Download FRX2XLS user guide for further information.


Download  FRX2XLS demo (VFP 9.0).

Download  FRX2XLS demo (VFP 6.0).


By downloading or using this Product, you agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement.

                      FRX2XLS convert FRX to Excel


Price : 29.99 USD


You can pay with  . After paying you will immediately get the product by e-mail.


Converts Foxpro table to Excel (XLS). Can create group, formatable, very fast, uses Excel function to calculate. Your end-users will love it!  You get the full source code. A nice progressbar class is also included.


Get both usefull converter for SPECIAL PRICE!

Spare 10 USD!


2011.08.18 VFP 9.0 compatibility improved

2007.03.23  Lines converting to Excel repaired

2006.11.15  The convert process became much quicker

2006.05.21 Remove line if blank (beta version)
                   Basic moving process of overlapped object rewrited
                   Alligment according to Foxpro frx in Excel
                   ESC to quit
                   Bug fixed at variables evaluation
2005.07.06 Comments in English

2005.05.25  The process became much quicker


FRX2XLS converts VFP report to Excel